Western Colloid

Client: Western Colloid

Type of Loss: Hail damage and Polyester Reinforced Roofing

TOTAL of secured amount: $10,562,747

About This Project

Tim Adams had written a concise technical bulletin in 1996, with details showing four (4) different levels of storm damage to the reinforced Emulsion and coated roofs and methods on how to repair each one. This type of technical bulletin is an important asset to the roofing industry, especially for the insurance adjusters, roofing contractors, and manufacturers. 

Your expertise and hands-on knowledge of these systems sets your and alpha public adjusters the ability to offer total credibility and knowledge to assist the insurance adjusters in determining the proper level of damage and appropriate level of repair to be performed. This knowledge will assist the insurance adjusters and could conceivably save the insurance companies millions of dollars in repair costs for storm damage claims.