How We Use Thermal Imaging Drones to Detect Damage

Alpha goes the extra mile, even if it is straight up!

Alpha is uniquely qualified and equipped to get you your full property damage claim settlement – sometimes upwards of $50,000 more. We use specialized drones to do that. Read on to find out why!

It is not uncommon for some items to be left out of an insurance claim. Most of the time, they are the tall items that are difficult to inspect, such as the top of parking lot lights, top of lighted signs, etc. These items are damaged during a hailstorm, but go unpaid because nobody actually inspected them.

thermal imaging

That isn’t good for policyholders. One reason people should consider using a Public Adjuster: we go above and beyond to ensure all items are inspected and covered – even if it is straight up!

Alpha has several FAA registered drones that we use during inspections to ensure all items are correctly inspected. This includes a FLIR thermal imaging drone to help detect water and moisture damage. We are Part 107 certified, which is required to use a drone in business.

Why Do We Use Thermal Imaging Drones During Inspections?

Aside from spotting damage in hard to see places, our FLIR equipped thermal imager drone can see things that you cannot see with the naked eye. As you can see in the image, the drone identified the warmer portions of this pick up as the engine and the rear axle. The same technology can see trapped water under your roof, making a case for a complete tear-off or a repair.

thermal imaging

Why Hire Alpha Public Adjusters For Your Insurance Claim?

Frequently, public adjusters bring in an engineer to help investigate and prove your damage claim. This adds $5,000 – $50,000 or even more to the cost of your settlement, which comes out of your pocket. It also takes an additional 30-60 days. Alpha’s owner has 40-years of commercial roofing experience and has authored technical guides on assessing hail damage to a particular roof system type.

Our experience allows us to handle the work in-house, which means we avoid the added cost and time. There are times when we, too, hire an engineer, but we settle 95% of our claims without this added cost and delay.

Have questions or need help with your property damage claim? Contact us today and request a free claim review!