A Public Insurance Adjuster is an independent insurance professional that a policyholder may hire to help settle an insurance claim on the policyholder’s behalf. Our sole duty is to make sure you get every dime you are owed! 

A Public Adjuster will file the claim with the accuracy and details that are needed for an accurate payout. The public adjuster will manage all communication, meetings, and documents needed for your insurance saving you time and stress.  

A public adjuster will assist with the claims, but a public adjuster cannot get you more money above and beyond what you are entitled to under the insurance policy. 

Public Adjusters get paid after you accept a final offer from your insurance company. The public adjuster does not get paid until you receive the final payout from your insurance. At Alpha Public Adjusters, most claims are 10% of the final payout. 

For example: Adjuster offers $10,000 for roof damage. We get involved and secure $200,000. You pay 10% of the additional amount we secure for you. The original offer was $10,000, and we get you an additional $190,000. From that “new money”, we take 10% and 10% of $190,000 is $19,000. If no money is secured, you don’t owe us anything.

Yes, claims can be reopened even if it was denied. Public Adjusters can assist policyholders in reopening a claim file and filing a secondary claim for additional payments, if necessary. 

Absolutely, but your insurance company may take advantage of the lack of expertise. It is also a time-consuming and burdensome process. It is unlikely that a policyholder will complete the claim with the accuracy and extreme detail needed, so it is best to hire a Public Adjuster that is familiar with the industry. 

No. A Public Adjuster is independent of your insurance company. The Public Adjuster works with your insurance to get what you are owed. 

If you are overwhelmed by the insurance claim process, your insurance company isn’t moving quick enough for recovery, your business suffered damage that results in loss of income, you need an advocate to get a fair and equitable settlement, or if your insurance company denied your claim or unfairly underpaid you. These are all instances when a public adjuster should be hired. 

Yes, but they may not be as forthcoming as they should. The benefit of a public adjuster is that they have no relationship with your insurance company, so they will fight for you. 

Yes and no. In most cases, your insurance company does not have your best interest at heart. Your insurance adjuster works for your insurance and not you.  Frequently, adjusters find that the loss estimate is far below what it should be. 

No. Public adjusters can reopen cases and file for additional payments if needed. 

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