Why Building Owners Need To Be Concerned About Hail Damage

With the beauty of spring also comes something many North Texans are familiar with: hail season and hail damage. 

Hailstorms cause about a billion dollars in damage to property each year, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Texas tends to take the brunt of this damage and consistently ranks #1 in the nation for the most hail claims each year. 

Hail Damage Can Be Costly. Hidden Damage Costs More. 

Building owners and property managers need to pay special attention to the potential damage caused by hail and wind storms because of their sporadic nature. 

Building exteriors and roofs are often the first line of defense and also the first to get damaged. The problem is that no two hail storms are alike. For example, storms with small hail backed by 70 mph winds can do way more damage than storms with just a few pieces of 2-inch hail. 

The perceived amount of damage caused by a storm without a proper investigation is the single biggest mistake building owners and property managers can make. 

All too often, building owners will assume the building is fine based on what local news stations are reporting or lack of “visible” damage to the exterior of the building. What ends up happening is the damage that does exist goes unnoticed, gets worse, and once found, the damage is double or triple what it would have been if caught early. 

If you own or manage a property, building, or business, you need to know what steps to take after a hail storm to protect yourself and your wallet. Here are our top tips:

1. Get Regular & Routine Inspections After Hail Storms

The single best way to ensure your building or property is safe is to get a comprehensive inspection. Typically, flat roofs are most susceptible to hail and damage, so if you have a commercial property, you need to be extra diligent in checking for signs of damage. 

2. Document Inspections & Maintenance

Insurance carriers need a definite date of loss to process a claim. That’s where documentation on preventative maintenance and routine inspections comes into play. Often, the policyholder may remember a specific hail storm (or several). Still, it can be hard to prove that was the date that caused the damage, especially in areas where hail storms are frequent. Having documentation showing the property was free of damage at a specific point in time narrows down the date of loss, making your claim harder for carriers to argue.

3. Know What You’re Covered For

We get it – insurance policies are long, boring, and hard to understand but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know what is in them. It is not uncommon for policies to have “exclusions” or clauses that outline what they don’t cover. These can come as a surprise to policyholders who think they are fully covered only to find out they are not when they go to make a claim. 

4. Find An Insurance Claim Expert You Can Trust

The right connections are important in any business, but they are especially important when it comes to having people on your side when you need them. That’s where a public adjuster can come in. You may not need a PA on every claim, but having someone you know and trust BEFORE you find yourself amid an insurance claim nightmare can be a huge benefit to your claim outcome and mental sanity. 

At Alpha Public Adjusters, we come from over two generations in the roofing and construction space. We also have many years of experience on the insurance claims side. These two areas of expertise combined give our clients something they cannot find anywhere else: a true partner who can assist with their building and insurance needs. Our knowledge of how roofs are installed, the unique characteristics of particular roofing materials, compatibility, and the ability to accurately estimate roof age, are all valuable skills that only work to benefit you. Sometimes the damage isn’t always visible, but we can tell the difference. 

If you are a building owner or property manager and experience a hailstorm, we are here to help with roof inspections and insurance claim reviews. 

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